Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 come to an end

O well, here we are again another year coming to an end and wishing for a better next year. Isn't that the way it always goes?

Just a few memories from 2012:

We bought a house in Ohio
We moved into our house in Ohio
I got a job
I got fired 90 days later for opening my mouth and failing a test
I filed for unemployment for the first time
I was denied unemployment
I was unemployed
Grandson came to spend several weeks here
Had no money while grandson was here, but all the hugs were FREE and wonderful!
House still for sale in SC
I started school to work on my Master's degree
I got a new job teaching but since I do not have my Master's yet have to be community faculty.(which means no job security)
Teaching nursing students; kinda like it
Our dog died, Tia after  years broke my hubby's heart
Rescued a dog from the pound
Rescued dog bit hubby's hand pretty bad
Took dog back to pound
Got new puppy, Ollie (see last post) he is lovable and cuddly and adorable
Hubby got new puppy last weekend. (see last post) she is adorable and lovable and gets along well with Ollie.

Through all the ups and downs this year my blood sugars have gotten out of control again. So today I go to an endocrinologist and look forward to a healthier  2013!

Looking forward to 2013!!!

Every year has ups and downs I think it is all about how you look at life. Some days I am good, some days not so good. But at least I am here to enjoy it! Thank you Lord for another day!

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