Sunday, December 2, 2012

Taking up too much time

This job and my Master's program seem to be taking up so much of my time now. Sometimes I feel like I barely have time to take a deep breath. Just when I think I ma have a moment something else comes along that consumes my time.
I wish I had time to just ake a walk. I wish that just taking a walk would not be taking time away from everything else that piles up in a monsterous heap seeking to attack me. Imagine a huge monster of paperwork lurking in the shadows waiting for me everytime I try to attack me. That is what it feels like in my head.

Is it going to get any better in the near future? No I don't see it right now. I will be in school until next Dcember. I have this job which I need. Is it y dream job? I don't think so but what can I do right now? Any change will just make things worse or more terribly stressful.

My health is starting to show the evidence of this. So I am not inclined to start anything else to add stress to my life. I have talked to my boss and am about to sign a new contract for the next semester; so that can lighten my load a bit. As for the rest of my time, sometimes I must hide from the monster and move in the shadows to get a breath. At least until next December when I am done with school.

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