Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Appointment is made

OK so I have an appointment with the ENT Dr. The funny thing is I work with these doctors every day. SO I will most probably see one of the residents I work with. Does that make me feel weird? I do not think so. After all they are only looking at my sinuses its not like I have to strip and wear the paper gown for them. I wanted to have this appointment last year when my doctor talked to me about it....but with only my insurance I would have to pay a huge amount. So I waited...and now have had to deal with another infection..

There is a problem with our health care and I believe it needs to be fixed. The problem is lawyers suing for everything under the sun. I can not watch even an hour of TV with out a lawyer add asking me if I have taken this drug because it cause this side effect. Every drug has side effects! The patient knows the risks before they take the medication! Every prescription is handed out with a list of side effects for the patient to read! There should be no need for suing the drug companies! If all this was stopped the doctors could practice medicine with out worrying who was going to sue them over what issue!

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Washer Mom Val said...

Heh Becky, hope you are feeling better. I agree - people are too eager to make someone else pay for mistakes, like money will console. There is a reason insurance rates are high! Turning the other cheek doesn't happen much these days it seems. Enjoy keeping up on you and your family even though I don't always comment. Blessings to you - you seem to be off to a good start for 2010 despite the infection!