Saturday, January 30, 2010


I was supposed to be visiting with my son and his family. They were supposed to come down last night and spend the weekend. I was supposed to be playing with my grandson and listening to his cute giggle. But instead I am cleaning and doing laundry while Kevin is painting and spackling in the other room. It snowed in the upstate last night and is still snowing now. I do not want them to drive in the snow or on bad roads but I was really looking forward to it. It really makes me sad that my kids are both away. I wish they lived right down the street and I could visit when ever I wanted. I want the dream. I want my grand kids coming to my house just to spend the night because they want to. I want to play with them every day. I want to see them grow. My son's son started walking and I missed his first couple steps. It makes me sad. My daughter is pregnant and I want to babysit and spend time with my other grandson the big brother but they live all the way across the country. I try not to think about it too much because it makes me sad. This empty nest thing really has some low moments ya know. I even thought about maybe adopting a young child but my husband thinks I am crazy.
Any how I guess I will go to see what it going on maybe get some lunch since I did not eat any yet.


Dee said...

I am sorry Becky that you did not get to be with your family...I also experience similar feelings as you. Just stay in touch by mail, and computer as much as you can. The kids will be excited to see you when you are able to visit them, and you will forget about the time not with them. In reference to your previous post...I also struggle with my weight. Lose..gain...lose gain..:(

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

It's always disappointing when plans we looked forward to change. I hope you get to plan another time to see them.