Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dad's Birthday

Today was my dad's birthday. I have to tell you a bit about him because I think he is a special guy! He is 69 today. He is 20 years older than me, don't do the math yes I am that old now. Any how let me tell you about my dad. When I was growing up I considered myself Daddy's little girl and I still do today. If you ask any one they will tell you that. I have always been my dad's biggest cheerleader and will be. He is the reason why I am a Christian today. When I was a teenager I was awful. I did not like my step dad and told him everyday he was not my dad and many other not so nice things. I spent all my weekends with my dad step mom and step-sisters(actually they are just my sister but did not want to confuse anyone). When I was 17 I ran away from home after a fight with my sister (my same mom and dad sister) and moved in with my dad and his family; which at that time was my dad, step mom and step sister Ann(again just sister but well you get the picture). My dad and step mom were Christians. My sister and I were not. We were typical teenagers doing teenage things. Dad took us to church a few times and even took us to see a movie called The Rapture. Gotta tell ya that movie scared me to death. Especially when dad would come home and leave all the doors open and the car in the drive way and be no where to be found. My sister and I would FREAK.
My dad is a great man of God. He is honest and loving. He only wants the best for all of us, even my brothers who have a different dad. He loves them too. My husband has known him since he was 17 years old and considers him his dad too. He introduces him as his dad and mine. I am honored that God has given this man to me to teach me and lead me and my husband in the Christan faith.
We had a wonderful day. Dad and Barb came to church with us and we went to lunch with my sister's family(the sister who lives here by me. All together there are 8 of us my mom and dad had four girls; My step mom had two girls and my mom married and had two boys)
I just wanted to let everyone know how I have been blessed with this man in my life. He is my teacher, a great spiritual leader and most of all he is my Daddy and I love him very much.


Dee said...

This is a very nice tribute to your dad. Your family sounds a lot like mine...I would not even know how to begin to explain who is who in my family. My dad was married four times.

Washer Mom Val said...

Nice tribute. Blessed you are with your Dad.