Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its Hodge Podge time!!!

1. Are you cooking Christmas dinner? How many will be round your table this year? What are we having?

I am not cooking for Christmas. I think I am going to my dad's house and my step mom will cook. She is the best and cooks great. We will have ham, potatoes, some veggie and desserts.

2. What is one must-have Christmas cookie in your house?

My husbands favorite cookie is a snickerdoodle.
 Mine is pizzelle. My Nana made them all my life we had an abundance of them every holiday. I won't have them this year. I miss that .

3. Santa likes a glass of milk with his cookies-do you? What kind of milk is on tap at your house-skim, almond, soy, full fat (Gasp!)

I do like milk with my cookies but very rarely have it in my house. We do not drink much milk. Actually I just through away a quart that was expired in November. LOL!
4. Time magazine recently named its Person of the Year for 2011. This is the person the editors believe has had the greatest impact, for better or worse, in the past year. This year they chose 'The Protester'. Your thoughts? Who would you name person of the year for 2011?

I looked at this last night and I am apalled! There are many people out there who could have been named person of the year who actually did make a difference in peoples lives instead we are paying homage to the protester who stands on the streets and causes a scene. I ahve been at a peaceful protest before at an abortion clinic we were quiet and did not cause a scene or get in the way. I do not believe this is what we have come to.

5. December 21st is National Flashlight Day...when was the last time you needed a flashlight? Did you know right where to find one?

I did not know there was a national flashlight day! Wow that is interesting. I actually do use them here at work when I do neuro checks. I have to flash a light in the patients eyes to see if the pupils dilate. I do not think I have one in the apartment; I think I would have to buy one.

6. candy canes...yum or yuck?

Yum for me!! I love them. Usually carry around a bag at this time of year. I have been distracted this year.
I like the story of the origin of the candy cane although says it is no true I still like the story of how it was shaped in a J to represent Jesus. The color is red and white to symbolize the blood of Christ that washes us white as snow.

7. What Christmas carol lyric means the most to you?

I love the song O come O come Emanuel! It is my most favorite ever. If I can figure out how to do I will post here.  at least I got the link here yeah me!!

I don't know why it is my favorite maybe because it something I remember from church when I was a child and then I also sang it in church as an adult. I just absolutely love this song!
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I know you are tired of hearing this like I am tired of telling you but we put an offer on a house again this week it is a lovely updated splt entry. The did not except but offered only $1000.00 more added to our offer so we excepted. We will hopefully if all goes well close on a new home Jan 13! Yes Friday the 13!! Maybe that is the sign that this will all work this time!!


Steve Finnell said...

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Tami said...

Good luck with your new home Becky! Merry Christmas!

The Toll House Cookie said...

One year I made pizzelles for gifts. I should pull out my maker and do that again!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Joyce said...

Hoping this house is the one! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I must admit I've never had pizelle cookies [did I spell that right?]....but they look absolutely delicious.

I have two separate posts today:

1] New Orleans Conclusion

Hope your day, so far, has been a glorious one.

ArtyMarti said...

Have my fingers crossed that the house will be yours. I agree with your comments regarding the person of the year. Have a Merry Christmas.

Mama Hen said...

I'm visiting from the Hodgepodge.
I have never heard of pizelle. Is it like a butter cookie? Looks yummy!

Amiee said...

I love the story of the candy cane also :)

Best wishes on getting into your new home in the new year!

Merry Christmas!

Cathy said...

Good luck on the house. I hope it all works out well for you. I have never heard of a pizzelle cookie but your picture of them looks so pretty.

Merry Christmas!