Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hodge Podge time

1. Will you be hosting any house guests between now and the end of December? Does that thought make you happy or crazy? Do you do anything special to make your house guests feel welcome? How long should a guest stay?
Af far as I know I am not my husbsabd and me will be the house guest, most likely at my dad's house. I hope it makes them happy. We actually get along very well at one time between moves we stayed for 6 months. I think that was too long, but dad di not seem to mind.

2. Walter Elias Disney was born this week back in (Dec 5) 1905...what's your all time favorite Disney movie? Here's a list in case you're struggling...and yes, you have to pick one.

Ok if I can only pick one my favorite is Alladdin. Because I watched it a million times with my kids. I love the Jeanie and we sang all the songs it was so great!

3. What's the last thing you purchased that you realized was a mistake after the fact?

I have this obsession with shoes and purses. I have to get them and then think why did I need that. But it is an ongoing thing with me. My husband always asks did I NEED those and of course I did!
4. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done online?
I do a bunch on line because it is easier to ship when they do it.
5. Amaryllis...snowdrop...poinsettia...your favorite winter blossom?

Since I had no idea what the other flowers are I would have to say poinsetta.

6. What is one thing on your personal wish list this year? I think we all want peace on earth so let's make this an actual item.

I would love an i phone or a new zoom lens for my camera.

7. If you could only use one word today what would it be?

The first word that came to mind was Great; and not because all is great because I can use it for mutiple. My assignment at work is not good. Great! The washing machine in our laundry room is broke AGAIN, Great. I am having a good day; Great! You see mutipurpose word.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I am at work tonight and my sister has been texting me. My niece's boyfriend, who is in his 30s was admitted to the hospital tonight they think he has Crohn's disease. Not good


My Kid's Mom said...

Sorry to hear about you niece's boyfriend. Great is an awesome word!

Joyce said...

My hubs can't stand my phone so he'd like to get me an iphone. I don't think I need one but I won't argue : ) Hope your niece's boyfriend is okay!

ArtyMarti said...

I like great and it multi-functional uses. I like shoes. When the rounded toe style was in, I bought them, and I knew that I would suffer, My feet just aren't adaptable. But I got them anyway.

A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed your answers. I hope you have a great week.

Theresa said...

There is a natropathic doctor here who became one after finding out he had Crohn's. He wasn't given very many options that he liked so he started doing research himself and now helps others. If your niece's boyfriend is ever interested just let me know and I will send you his information.
Beautiful house, btw.