Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Confident Heart Week 3 Questions

For some reason I have been stalling to answer these questions. It is time to get moving and get this done.

1.What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?

When I was a teenager I stole my best friend's boyfriend.  It was not a soap opera type thing she was away at some kind of camp and he told me they broke up. I believed him. I did a lot of crazy things for this guy including sleeping with him at the ripe old age of 15. All of which I am not proud of. My friend and I are still in touch in fact we found each other via facebook last year and got together with another friend; we will always keep in touch. The guy we have no idea where he is, but we both would not mind finding out how the years have treated him.

2. Think about your desire to find a relationship, a job, a calling, or something else that would satisfy the longing of your heart. Like Sam (the woman at the well) and me (the author of the book), have you ever looked to something or someone else to fulfill you? describe how that might have shaped the pattern of your thoughts, decisions and pursuits.

This is a very deep question. Before I ask Christ into my life I had a running song in my head. It was popular in the 70s when I was a teenager. The song "Alone Again, Naturally." I tried to fill my heart with many things when I was young, drugs, alcohol (to the point of when I turned 21 I never wanted to drink again and have not.) Even now when I am alone I sometimes let this song sneak in and take hold of me. I hate when I do that!

3.Are your closet, your schedule, your mind, and your life full? How about your heart? Are there empty places that you need and want to trust God to fill? If so list them.

Hmm, my closet, schedule and mind are always full. So full that sometimes I get totally overwhelmed and stay in the house in front of the TV to just escape. I guess there still is the empty space where I feel alone and lonely at times for absolutely no reason at all. I try to make everyone happy. I neglect myself some times to the point of I have no idea how I feel. Sounds silly huh, but when you always put others needs in front of yours sometimes you get lost in their needs. But then again sometime I feel like I am having the life sucked out of me by the very people I want to help.

4. "The origin of the word worship comes from the blending of two words 'worth-ship'. When we worship something or someone, we give great worth in them."(p.58) Where are you tempted to find worth? In what area is it hardest to let God define you-and not the world's standards (i.e., career, financial, success, motherhood, marriage, ministry?

I guess it is hardest to let God define me in my work. I try to let God lead my path but i get caught in the rate race and want to succeed.

5. Read Proverbs 19:22; Psalm 63:2-4 and Psalm 90:14. What do these verses tell you about God's unfailing love? have you ever wondered how God's love could be enough?

They tell me he is my Rock and my Fortress and will never leave me. He will protect me from my foes.  I have been a Christian for a long long time and sometimes I still have doubts about how God's love could be enough. It makes me sad and embarrassed to say that but it is true.

6. What is the difference between salvation and satisfaction in Christ?

The difference is salvation is for ever God sent His son Jesus Christ to die for me to wash me clean of all my sins. Once I except that it is done; my salvation is sealed! He did it; He loves me; He died for me. Satisfaction is a completely different story that comes from me am I satisfied in what I perceive of what my life should be.  I do not think as humans we can ever be completely satisfied. 

7. "We were made for love that isn't measured by our last accomplishment but marked by God's measureless grace." (p.62) Write a few when-then statements for areas in your life where you can apply this truth. example When I am tempted to measure my value by how well I am doing as a ______, I will stop. Then I will thank God for His measureless grace that fills my gaps and determines my value, which is not measured by my accomplishments but by His love for me.

When I am tempted to measure my value by how I preform as a nurse, I will stop. Then I will thank God for His measureless grace that fills my gaps and determines my value, which is not measured by my accomplishments but by His love for me and how I pass it on.

This one was a deep set of questions I imagine the only get deeper in the future. The book Is A Confident Heart by Renee Swope of 31 ministry. I recommend you take the journey also.

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