Friday, January 20, 2012

Can't believe I missed my Hodge Podge

Can't believe I missed my Hodge Podge but I was driving from NC back to Ohio.  We had a whirlwind weekend to house in SC; to son's in NC and back home to Ohio. It was wonderful spending time with my son and his family. My grandson's are adorable if I don't say so myself! My husband and I spent the day with our grandson Asher, he is 3; his brother Nate is 1 and needs the structure of the day care schedule with mom. So we kept Asher for the day. We went to the playground. Asher loved it. He ran all over the place and when he was swinging on the swing being pushed by his pap something poohed on my hand! Yest that's right YUCK!!!! I ran to the car for my antibacterial scrub and bathed my hand in tons of alcohol!! Next we took him to Target to get his birthday gift and whatever else he wanted. (we are grand parents after all!) We had so much fun watching him as he excitedly went from toy to toy trying to decide what he wanted. 45 minutes later he decided on a dinosaur railroad with track. Lunch at Chick Filia and back to house for nap. Then dinner with family. It was a wonderful time. Then Wednesday we came over for breakfast with Chick Filia biscuits and Krispy Cream donuts. The boys loved the doughnuts! (of course they did) Both of them with sniffles and coughs; now Memaw, me has cough, post nasal drip and something going on . (I am gonna go to doc after work this morning).
Well Ethan had mono, Remy had a cold, Asher and Nate both have colds so OF COURSE I have something now. I could not go with out kissing on them.
Maybe if I am lucky the doctor will tell me tomorrow to get in bed and sleep and not come back to work tonight. (that sounds wonderful!!)

I'll get back in the groove with Hodge Podge next week.
Hope you all are feeling good and enjoying the cold weather!

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