Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Time to Count my Blessings.

Hello and Happy New year everyone! It is 2012. I remember sitting in a grade school class with my best friend Theresa (Terri) to everyone else and talking about how far away 2000 was and I would be this old! Then being amazed! Well now it is 2012! I am still here and have received so many blessings over the years.
1. I have wonderful Savor; He love me enough to die for me. This is a blessing I praise Him for as often as I can.
2. I have a terrific husband who knows me for who I am and loves me anyway!
3. I have 2 of the best kids in the world!
4. Both of my kids are blessed with great spouses and I love them as if they were my own.
5. My grand kids! All I can say is they are all wonderful and I am so proud to be their Me-maw.
6. My parents are such a blessing to me. My mom is my best friend and even though we can not live together for more than a week. (inside joke) I can't imagine my life without her! My dad and step-mom they are my spiritual mentors, friends, parents I am truly blessed to have these three as my parents!
7. My brothers and sisters. I am blessed with sisters, half brothers and step- sisters but all those titles mean nothing to me the Lord blessed me with a big family and I love them all!
8. I have many nieces and nephews from the above brothers and sisters. I love them all!
9. Now I have great-nieces and nephews just so we can have more fun and my sisters and I can share grandma stories. (none from brothers yet)
10. The Lord moved us cross country closer to family; He made sure we have a roof over our heads (even if it is not what I want at the moment). He got us jobs. Has given us a great person and new friend to help us find a home here. Given us new friends to have fun with. A new church.

I can go on and on. I am positive we will find a new home and be exactly where He wants us. He moved us here that I do not doubt so I have no right to doubt the rest and worry about where I will live. I am sure I will still gripe and complain in 2012 (although I will try to curb that!). I am sure I will still worry in 2012 (I am human and this is one of my biggest sins). But I will try to remember every day all the many blessing the Lord has given me and be the person He wants me to be.

Happy New Year to all! I wish you a new year of many blessings and joy!

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