Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God works in His Time and I know this

I have an interview this week on Friday with Hospice at the hospital where I am now working. I have worked Hospice before. In fact I became a nurse because my first intention was to be there and help dying people know the love of Jesus. I could do that in my own way. I could care for them as I would my own family member. help them ease their pain and hold their hand when they needed it or at the end. I started working in oncology and loved this because it is a devastating disease and I could be there for patients at first diagnosis, during the treatment and at the end if that was the course of the disease. I saw these patients frequently so relationships were formed. I have seen hundreds of patients over the years in the clinics, and in the hospital; several stand out in my memory banks that I will carry with me forever.
So I am thinking, sometimes I do to much of that, maybe it is time for me to go on to the hospice side. I love oncology, but hospice is a part of that too. So Friday at 2pm I have an interview with the hospice manager.

I am trying to figure out what to wear? ThinkingWhat would you wear?

 Prayers appreciated. Thank you

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Dee said...

I think you would be wonderful in Hospice care with your compassionate heart...they will be blessed to have you...I would dress tidy and semi casual.. and wear a smile :)