Wednesday, May 23, 2012


1. What's something you miss about the 1980's? If you're too young to miss the 80's how about the 90's?
I miss my body from the 80s. I thought I was fat and out of shape! If I only had a crystal ball back then....I would not think that!

2. Do you have a library card? If so, how often do you visit?
I had one in South Carolina but have not got one here yet.

3. What's the secret to success?
Faith in Jesus Christ!

4. This is National Backyard Games week...what's your favorite backyard game?
I always liked badminton. Although I am not very coordinated. I could still play.

5. If I dropped by today what would I find on your coffee table?
bunch of stuff today. We just cleaned the carpets so the coffee table is in the kitchen with my purse, work bag, bottles of water and its own candles and decor

6. Do you own a bicycle? When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Is that something you enjoy?
Yes I own a bike. I last rode before we moved here last year. Right now it is hanging in the garage with flat tires but I will ride again soon. I love it.

7. What's your favorite cheese?
Almost any cheese will do my favorites are the Italian ones provolone, Parmesan, mozzarella 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
  this is an EKG strip. believe it or not all the bumps and peaks on this strip say something about the patients heart. I have been looking at these things for 15 years. I try to get it. I study all the rules but when it is time to test I just don't get it. Maybe that is why I am a cancer nurse and not a heart nurse!


Dee said...

Perfect answer on number three :)

If you dropped by today I am afraid you would find dust on my coffee table. Love your Hodge Podge Wednesday.

Marti said...

Looking back at old pictures, I am amazed at how much I have changed. But I'm still the same ol lovable person on the inside.

Cathy said...

Enjoyed your answers. #3 Amen! I like badminton too!

Joyce said...

Cancer nurses are special people : )

Theresa said...

So many people answered #1 about their weight. I didn't think of it but I would now agree :)