Monday, May 21, 2012

Prayer Request

Recently I have been talking a lot about my job and how I was recruited. I am still contemplating the issue. You see I don't know if this is where God wants me and I am fighting or if I made a decision based on what I wanted to hear. I did apply for a job at this hospital. It was listed as an oncology job, which it is not. I am an oncology nurse I love what I do I do not like general medical surgical, (hodge podge) nursing. I have a specialty I have worked in for 13 years. I am good at what I do.
Hospice is close to oncology nursing at least to end stage medical part of it. I have done it before. This would be closer fit for me the oncology nurse to work in instead of the cardiology, or heart health nurse.
I applied for a part time hospice position at the place where I work now because there are no nursing oncology jobs at present. I talked to the recruiter who recruited me and told her my feelings about how I was hired. She was responsive. Right now I am asking for prayers that this hospice manager will call me for interview and give me a chance in her hospice department. I want this hospice job.

On another note our house in South Carolina has been listed with another agent. He said he is very aggressive. Please pray that the house sells.


Dee said...

You have my reassured all things are possible with the Lord. Hugs...Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

Prayers friend - there is a peace and joy in finding work that pleases your soul - keep searching, God has his reasons for this journey you are on! Prayers for your nice home to sell too!