Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hodge Podge Wednesday

1. What's a pet peeve you have when vacationing?

I don't like rude people but mostly I do not have a pet peeve while vacationing. because I am on vacation to relax!!!!

2. Are you a light packer or do you need everything in your closet plus the kitchen sink?

I need everything! I pack clothes for how many days I am going to be there and shoes for each outfit. Then I bring make-up, which I don't wear often,  Extra clothes in case I need them! I am a definitely not a light packer.

3. What's the best lesson a child ever taught you?

Live in the moment and have fun while you are there!

4. Share one piece of advice you'd give a recent graduate as they attempt to enter the job market?

Don't take yourself so seriously 

5. What's your favorite lemon something?


6. Flat sandal, wedge, heel...your favorite footwear?

actually my favorite foot ware is flip flops but I do have all

7. What do you like best about a beach holiday? If you're not a beach lover (GASP!!) what do you dislike the least?

I love the smell of the air and the sound of the ocean.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

 We are still struggling to sell the house in SC. It is killing me we just listed with a new agent and now he wants us to put more money in it for curb appeal! I just want it sold so we can go on!

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Theresa said...

Flip flop are my favorite too! I hope your house sells soon.