Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 no more whine

Hello all!

I spent the majority of last year whining! I am sorry for that. I have been feeling sorry for my self and I will not go over the list of reasons I think I had for whining. I refuse to be negative! I want to be positive this year.

SO this year (taking a Que from another blog I follow) I plan to:

Be happy where I am. Right here in central Oho.
Find a church close to home; so I can make new friends and get involved.
Make new friends
Get involved in a ladies bible study
Be positive ( not very easy with emotional roller coaster of menopause, I cry now for the silliest things)
Trust God more with my life; not only in the big stuff but small stuff too
Read my Bible more

Just a few things I plan to do make this year great. Do you have any things you want do different this year?

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