Sunday, January 6, 2013

When God speaks

I have been going to a church 40 minutes from home for the past 7-8 months. It is easy for me to talk myself out of going to church, Bible study and helping out because of this. I decided with the new year I should make some changes and let God be the one to lead me. So..... There are several churches around here both 15 minutes each way. I decided to try Cornerstone Alliance Church. I went this morning.

I had read the website and checked out beliefs and mission statements. I liked what I read. The web site said church was at 11 am so I got there at 9:40. Church had already started; so I walked in and picked a seat towards the front like I always do. The music was good, not as contemporary as the church I had been attending but it was contemporary and good. The preacher was also good. The message was timely and good. Communion was given today. Good, so far.
During the invocation at the end of the service I said a small prayer. "Lord, please let me know if this is the one."

The song for the invocation was a loved a song I knew and loved. After the service as I turned around I was immediately greeted by a woman who said she saw me come in all alone and wanted to introduce herself to me. She invited me to sit with her when I came back, and invited me to Bible Study. We talked for a while and parted ways. I thought I would check in at the visitors desk to see what the church had to offer. They are very much connected in the community and even partner with a crisis pregnancy center, a cause near and dear to me. The woman introduced herself and we began to talk. I was then introduced to someone who works with the crisis pregnancy center. We talked for a while also; I told her where my husband works and she told me I had to meet Charlie who also worked there.
I was then introduced to Charlie's wife and we talked a bit. Her husband came over and she introduced me. As soon as I said my name he said my husbands name turns out he knows him too!

All I have to say is WOW!!
When God speaks! He really does!
Needless to say I will be going back..........

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