Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hodge Podge Time!!!

1. The popular saying, 'All is fair in love and war' is originally credited to English writer John Lyly.  Is he right? 

I am not sure all is fair in love and war. Do we really want to rank love with war? I war is brutal and definitely unfair on both sides no matter what. Is love like that? I would hope not.

2. Are you a cereal eater?  What's your favorite kind?

At one time in  my life I was a cereal eater when I had kids at home but now not so much.

3. A five year old in Pennsylvania was recently given a ten day school suspension for talking with a friend about shooting one another with a Hello Kitty Bubble gun (the gun blows bubbles).  She did not have the gun with her at school.

A psychological evaluation was also ordered and the incident was recorded on her permanent record.  The suspension was later reduced to two days and her parents are suing to have the incident removed from her file. Your thoughts?  (If you missed the story click here for details). 

This is absolutely ridiculous I mean if it is illegal to for children to talk about the toys they have and how they are going to play with them what is next. Should Matel be arrested for making Barbie with body parts after all many girls suffer body image issues because of Barbie!! This is a five year old!!! talking about playing with a pink bubble blowing gun!!! it was said the child (5 year old) was making terroristic threats!!!! Seriously!!! Ridiculous!!!!

4. Whatever happened to_____________________________?

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
I am probally going to show my age and really I was only a year old when this movie came out but my very first thought was what ever happened to Baby Jane a Betty Davis Joan Crawford movie. About a child star turned psycho taking care of her crippled sister.

5.  January 23rd is National Handwriting Day, billed as a day to reacquaint yourself with a pen and pencil.  Do you like your handwriting? Do you prefer to print or write in cursive?  This date was chosen because its the birth date of John Hancock. What's the last thing you signed your name to?

I sign my name all the time as a nurse but lately I have been signing papers for the house to go for short sale in SC. The paper work is a nightmare and everything we send needs to be signed!

6. Speaking of John Hancock...ever been to Philadelphia? Do you have any desire to visit the city of Brotherly Love? 

Have never been there and not one of the top spots on my list.

7.  Share something funny you've heard a child say.  

I often talk to my daughter and her boys while driving from here to there. I have blue tooth in my car and it is not always clear. I was talking to my 7 year old grandson about a week or so ago. He was having trouble hearing what I was saying because of the connection. After a a few huhs; he said really slow "Me Maw E-N-U-N-C-I-A-T-E!! I bust out laughing!! When my daughter got back on the phone we had a good laugh!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I went to visit a local Crisis Pregnancy Center. I am very excited about it and am going to start training to volunteer next week!! Who knows maybe this is an open door for a new direction the Lord is leading me!!!


Lighthousegal said...

I enjoyed stopping by your blog and reading your answers.
I too mentioned Baby Jane for the whatever happened too question.
I love your grandson story. So precious.

Joyce said...

I'm glad you've found somewhere to volunteer and do some of what you love.

Love the grandson story!