Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God does amazing things....If we let Him

Yes that is right I said God does amazing things if WE let him. God is mighty, all powerful, loving. He can do all things do not get me wrong. But, He has given the freedom of choice. Choice of what we want to do. Do we want to follow Him? or not? Do we let Him be in control of our lives? Or do we just give Him so much and control the rest ourselves? I think many of us know this in our head, but do we practice it?

I am learning a valuable lesson right now. I started by kicking and screaming. I just knew I could not sit here and do nothing when I could be doing something. Let me elaborate. I am a nurse, I am a control FrEaK (your eyes are not playing games I did mess up my spelling with various types of letters). You see I am in control!! The problem with that is if I am in control where is God in my life? Do I let Him peek in here and there periodically? Do I even have time to seek him at all? In Matthew 6:33 Jesus states "Seek FIRST His Kingdom and His glory and all these things will be added to you." The verses before to put this into context talks about how anxious we are; God takes care of the birds and even the flowers. Then He tells us we are much more important than those and He will surely take care of us.
SO, when we moved across country, had to sell one house, buy another house, and I had to find a job to pay all the bills so we could live in the standard we were accustomed to living I knew exactly what to do. I emailed a friend in a city close to where we were moving (I thought) to get a job. We put the house up for sale. My hubby moved up first, he had the job that moved us. I moved up about a month later which would give me a little bit of a vacation before starting a new job which I got without much problem. Everything sounds perfect right? 
Well now it is a Jan 2013 that was July 2011; the house in SC is still for sale possibly going into a short sale or foreclosure, the perfect job I had was more than an hour away from where we were living and because of their union status I could be mandated to work over time which would make me work 16 hours in one day, drive home over an hour go to sleep then drive back to work that night. (I did get mandated once and refused because I had an appointment and was written up.) So since the job was not working I starting looking for another job closer to home. I got one, and I lost it two months later because I failed a test, basically it is a long story but the unemployment trail that happened after which it was decided I would not be eligible for unemployment because I failed that test, so... That was the end of May 2012. I was unemployed until August of 2012 and got the job I have now at a local College teaching first year nursing students. I thought this was permanent but on Feb 14 I will be done. Although I am working on my Master's degree in nursing, I do not have it yet so the state says I can not teach with out it unless there is one Masters degree nurse teaching for every Bachelors. They don't have that here, I was hired last. I also found out from my school because I was $200 short on my tuition I was being forced to take a break until I could pay the balance. I got this information last week on Tuesday. I was a total MESS!!! I did not want to talk to any one.......but my daughter called and God used her as my voice of wisdom. She said things like "things happen for a reason" and maybe this is not the path for you". Then she told me something remarkable ( remarkable to me because I would have never expected my daughter to tell me this) She said when you get off this phone go to a quiet place and do your devotion, meditate, or pray and let all the stress go and listen...  WOW!!! I did exactly what she said!
That was Tuesday, let me tell what happened Wednesday. I have always had a heart for crisis pregnancy ministries which help those who think they want to get an abortion; the new church I had started going to a few weeks before partnered with one. I called to volunteer. So Wednesday morning I went for an interview and orientation meeting. It was great! I am going to go at least once a week maybe more if they need me. After the meeting I went to the grocery store as I pulled into the parking lot I got a call from my school, where I am a student. My advisor told me my financial aid was due to come in and it would pay the balance in my tuition and also give me a refund! YEAH! but I am not done yet....  I need to take medication for a chronic illness I have and at the first of the year I was told because of my insurance and it was the first of the year I had a deductible to meet and my medication would be over $100 a month until I met it. I called that day to find out exactly how much I needed to drain from my minimal savings to pay for this medication, they told me the medication was free! That is right FREE!!!!!!

I have been singing God's praises since then!!! The next day while doing my devotion and quiet time a verse came to my mind. It is a Bible verse everyone has heard, but I heard it in my head in a completely different way that day. The verse is John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that who so ever should believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." This is the way I heard it.... "For God so loved ME that He sent his only begotten SON.....because He loved ME...enough to die for ME".... WOW!!!!

At this moment I have no idea what is going to happen on February 15 and beyond.... I have no idea how my bills are going to get paid.... I have no idea if I will get a job.... BUT I do know that if I put God FIRST and let Him be in control...He is going to take care of me (of us).

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Cathy said...

Amen! God is just so awesome!!