Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beautiful day.......Wonderful Walk

We went for our walk at the state park. It was beautiful!!! The Lord is great I tell ya. He makes all this beauty and still has time to think of me and my selfish problems. I need to lose weight. I am a diabetic and lousy about taking care of my diet. I am bad, very very bad. Right now I am struggling not to eat a peanut butter cup that is in the kitchen left over from trick or treat. SO I have been praying for the Lord to help me with this. Well one of the ladies from our walk asked me if we could be accountability partners. We could watch out for each other, be there for each other and that kind of stuff. Kind of like an AA sponsor. I could call and say I really want to eat the peanut butter cup in my kitchen........and we could encourage each other not to eat bad things....Sounds good huh? We are going to try this I'll let y'all know how it goes! But the Lord is good so I am sure this is His way to help me with this problem I have.....Love to all ...I'll be back have to get a shower.....sweaty from the walk.


lookuptoday said...

Beautiful photography! Thank's for sharing your walk. I am struggling with my weight also. Just try one day at a time, one minute at a time, and one second at a time.If you fail, start over, and try not to be to hard on yourself. Remember your partner needs you as much as you need her. So glad to have you as my new friend. Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

Lovely pics - hang in there. I can relate to needing to lose weight. I'd also have eaten the peanut butter cup by now! :-)