Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have to say The Lord Is Good!

Sunday night was awesome at our church! They have First Sunday Night of the month as praise and worship. I usually work at Kids Pointe Sunday night so Have not been to a First Sunday until this past week and I have to say it was awesome. I can not think of words to let you know how great it was. The whole service was about praising our Lord, and we did. If you are ever around Moncks Corner, SC on the first Sunday of the month go to the 5:30 service at Point North Community Church it is an awesome experience.

Monday Night I go to a small group for those with addictions. We support each other, listen to each other, share with each other and study the bible. I am addicted to food crazy as it seems. I am a over eater. I eat to feel good, eat because I am bored, lonely, sad, glad, alert, sleepy. You name it I eat for it. I am also a diabetic and a nurse so I should know better but I don't. I can teach my patients but not me isn't that weird. So I have been praying about this and asked God for help. I right now am too poor for weight watchers and once found out you can cheat on ww and still loose weight. So I need some one to be accountable to. Last night at small group one of our members Patsy patted me on the shoulder told me she struggles with over eating too. We talked after the study and decided we would meet on Saturday morning for a walk in the park. maybe a few other ladies from the group would come too. patsy told me since we both had the same problem with food maybe we should be accountability partners to each other. I was so excited the God had answered my prayer I cried most of the way home as I praised our most precious and holy Savior.

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lookuptoday said...

I believe when you pray for others,God answers your prayers. I am glad you now have a partner you can turn to for support.Since Frank got sick i have put on a lot of weight, which makes me sad. I want to thank you for your prayer and concern for Frank and i. Frank is doing good. I have explained a little about it on my blog. Once again.. THANK YOU! Dee