Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today was wonderful!!

Today was a wonderful day. The weather was terrific. Sun shining, not to hot not to cold. My husband made me breakfast this morning, then I went to a meeting for Kids Pointe at church. When that was over I came home went to lunch and shopping with my husband. I had to buy a baby shower gift for a dear friend of mine daughter. She is having her first grandchild. So I also bought Karan (my friend) a gift. A small picture frame for her grandbabies picture. I found this wonderful cross with a quote from Psalms and for the baby and mom then a few more cute things. I went to the shower it was fun. Great to support a friend. Then off to date night with my husband and another couple. We went to dinner and a movie. FireProof was the movie> It was good.
I love my husband even after all this time. he is my best friend, my confidant, my support, and partner. I am so glad God gave him to me.
Thank you Lord for a wonderful day.

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Washer Mom Val said...

That is great and I can relate to being appreciate of our husbands.

Thanks for visiting again and I jus tnow read the comments on halloween. You are right on a number of levels. I don't let my kiddos be evil dark blood dripping anything. I'd freak seeing a black tree with a skull too - we didn't even carve a pumpkin but have plain pumpkins on the porch - they'll do for Thanksgiving decor too! I see both sides and our secular world calling Christmas break now Holiday break is just nuts!