Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo Challange


I cheated today I am at work I googled. I liked this

My Nana's hands

My Nana's hands have always meant love to me. I remember a s a child holding her hand and playing with the veins that stuck up on her hands. I would rub my fingers across her hands and just hold them for as long as she would let me. She always showed us love with her hands. She would bake for hours and hours for any reason at all just for her family to have good food. She made home made noodles and the best meatballs and sauce in the world. Her wedding soup was the best in the world. Those hands would make the meatballs small or large. No one can ever make them taste so good. When I had kids she loved them too. Her hands would change their diapers and hold them when they cried. Her hands are how she showed her love. She still shows her love with those wonderful hands. I still hold her hand when I see her. They are soft as they were when I was a child. She is a wonderful woman with her hands she still shows her love by holding the hands of all of us her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and now great-great-grandchildren as in the picture above. I love you Nana and I always will! I wish I can be half the woman that you are.

I wrote this for my grandmother a few years ago. I miss her so much it physically hurts sometimes. It was appropriate for today's challenge.

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Cathy said...

Such sweet comments about your Nana.