Saturday, February 4, 2012


Lately I have been thinking about my career. I an a nurse, a cancer nurse. I love taking care of patients and spending time with them but my body is getting older and at the end of three 12 hour shifts I am whooped! My back is hurting, my legs hurt, my feet kill me. I got my bachelor's in nursing last year after 15 years of being a nurse in oncology (cancer). I want to get my Master's degree. Here are the options for Master's in nursing.
Nurse Practitioner,(NP), my main interest in cancer is woman's cancers and/or head and neck cancer as a practitioner I would have to get into the assessing of and touching the cancer. Not that I mind that to much this may sound gross to some but I am OK with tracheotomy's and wounds that tunnel back into what ever that need to be packed with gauze to heal. (Sorry for those of you that are squeamish! I am a nurse and I can change some funky smelling wound dressing then go to lunch and eat; doesn't phase me.) OK back to the thinking thing before I get to far off the subject. As a NP, I would be treating these patients basically what the doctor does. giving medication, prescribing medication and so on. I am not sure I want that responsibility. I like that a doctor with more training prescribes and I give. (Unless they are a resident or intern and then well, I could tell you some stories that would curl your hair!)
I can be a Nurse Educator. In a college I would teach young students to be nurses. I think I could do that. I like to teach but this is gonna sound really mean but stupid people irritate me. (I once had a nurse who had practiced for almost a year ask me how much medication to pull up in the syringe. Yes it is true! I thought are you kidding me you graduated nursing school and have been giving meds for months now and your asking me this question! What I actually did was get a syringe and explain it to her.) Like I said stupid people irritate me; especially the ones who should have some smarts but don't. I am not talking about the person who just does not know how to do something. I mean I know nothing about my car except I put gas in it and it goes, my hubby does the rest. I mean the one who should know, acts like they know but really don't. So would I be able to actually teach these students or would I loose it one day in a hormonal moment and..... With that being said. As a nurse educator, I could teach and take care of patients while teaching the nursing students and they do all the hard work and I talk them through it. As an educator in the hospital, I would make sure all the nurses do their yearly stuff and education; teach a class here and there. I don't think I would like this at all.
What I have been thinking about lately and I am not sure if I am now being lead down another path or I am just plain crazy. (No comment about the crazy thing.) I have been thinking about going into psychology as a nurse. I was thinking I could help cancer patients without all the back breaking work. I could listen to them and help them and their families through the evils of cancer and beyond into suvivorship. I was thinking I could go back to school and get a psychology degree along with my nursing degree. I could still be a nurse in the education sense of the career but also psychology to help patients that way also..

I guess I am writing all this here because I want feed back from who ever.....

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