Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its Hodge Podge Time

1. It's that most wonderful time of the season! Do you complete your own returns or farm that job out to the professionals?
We go to professionals. I am afraid of the IRS and terrible at math. So I'd rather pay someone and get it done right!

2. This next question comes from Kansas Bob....he posed it in response to something I asked in an earlier Wednesday post and I asked him if I could add it to the Hodgepodge someday. Today's the day....

Which do you think has changed you more-love or pain?
I think the pain of my childhood from divorce, abuse, divorce added to the person I am. But I think love changed me. I met my hubby in the summer of my senior year of high school. Not a good time for me. My step dad was not nice to me, I will leave it at that. Actually I was not nice to him either so maybe that was the problem I don't know. I was a teen who was hurting from divorce, remarriage and blended families and did not want to cooperate with the man who wanted to take the place of my dad. My hubby came into the picture like a knight in shining armor, it was the seventies so he actually came in in bell bottoms and platform shoes o I am sorry got distracted for a minute. He made me feel pretty and not like the fat kid with the sister who was a cheerleader. he loved me for me and he still does! he has stuck by me for thirty three years. he is my best friend and confidant. he knows me when I am nice, and not so nice and still loves me. Through the years his love for me gave me confidence and helped me do the things I have done in my career and in my personal life.

3. Tangerine Tango has been named color of the year for 2012. Your thoughts? Would I find this color anywhere in your house? How about in your closet? If not, will you be adding this color to your life in someway in 2012? If you're not sure what tangerine tango looks like click here
I do not like it and you will not find this color in my new house unless it was left there by the former owners in which case I would have to paint over it.
4. Are you a collector? What do you collect and does it get admired, used, and/or dusted regularly?
i collect carousel   horses I love them! I think they are so pretty. I keep them in a curio closet which is in SC soon to be in my new home in Ohio. I often play the music for the grandkids.
 My newest!
5. February is National Heart Month...besides a green salad what is one heart healthy dish you like to prepare?
I am not very heart healthy in the kitchen. I am the crock pot queen. If you can cook it in a crock pot I probably have or will soon. Is that heart healthy???

6. When was the last time you had car trouble?
About 4 or 5 months ago I got a flat tire, I think I blogged about it. I was right beside the parking lot where I work. My husband was at work and could not help me. I sat there waiting for the auto assistance to come and counted the construction workers who walked by looked and me and kept on going. Finally a nice man came to help and changed my tire saving me from waiting another 30 minutes for the auto service person. That is when I realized I was back in the northern area and not in the south any more!
7. Have you been more demanding on yourself lately or less? Is that a good trend?
I think I have. So much is going on right now and I keep trying to do more. I need to slow down!
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
I almost hesitate to mention this but we are in the final stages of buying a house again! This time it looks like it might go through!tomorrow (Wednesday at 3pm) for a hospital much closer to home, now I drive an hour to work. I also have an interview next week for a part time job at a local college teaching nursing students. I am excited!!!
I have a job interview  


LynnMarie said...

Good luck with the job interview and moving. I enjoy moving gets me to lean out those closets! Yes crock pot cooking can be very healthy.

Kimberly said...

good luck in your new home and good luck with your job interview. I love the button on your blog!

have a good day!

Joyce said...

Hoping the house goes thru! Good luck with your interview too : )

Susan said...

Good luck on your interview!!!

Katie2SS said...

I know how you feel. I'm in Ohio from the South and it's a big difference.

DD said...

I hope that the house goes through for you. The whole house buying process can be so stressful.

I think crock pots are completely heart healthy. They take all the stress out of dinner, and what is better for your heart than less stress?

Brenda said...

I enjoyed your love/pain answer. He really was a knight in shining armor wasn't he?!
I remember my aunt and niece having a flat tire once and two policemen stopped to 'help'. They couldn't (or wouldn't ) change the tire for them. She was appalled.

Washer Mom Val said...

OK - skipping quesitons and inserting random thought. You are amazing! May your new home and new job(s) be rewarding and blessings abound you in 2012!

The Henry Crew! said...

Loved your story on how you met your husband! What a great guy! Hope your house and interview all go well!

Zoanna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Didn't know you were a follower; I'm flattered. No, you didn't miss about painting my closet . What I meant was , when Joyce asked if she'd find the color in my house (tangerine tango) or in my closet, was thinking paint color in the closet, not clothes!! Duh. I can be so dense (midlife moment). I can't imagine the pain you have endured and I'm sorry. But sounds like your knight in shining bell bottoms has been a Godsend to show you the love you need.