Thursday, February 23, 2012

A statement that made my heart hurt

Yesterday evening I was sitting in Apple-bee's restaurant in town in the both behind me I over heard a woman on the phone talking about her brother that had just died. She talked about his eye color and how close they were. Then she said something that just really hurt my heart. She said she believed that we just get recycled over and over again. Someone dies; someone is born. The person she was talking to on the phone must have started to talk to her about eternal life and Jesus Christ because I heard her say "Jesus was a great man." I am telling you I wanted to jump up from my booth and give her a sermon on who He was and how he had died for her and her brother and all she had to do was except the gift he wanted to give her and on and on.  But I did not. She hung up the phone then told the person she was with she really did not want to talk to the person on the phone but she was being nice and she did not need to be preached too.  WOW!

There are so many lost people out there who do not know that Jesus Christ is Lord and wants to GIVE them the gift of eternal life.    I did not do this last night but tonight I am going to say a prayer for this woman and for her salvation.

Should I have said something to her?
Was I there to speak?
Was I there to pray for her?

I do not know but I do know I can still hear her conversation play over and over in my head.
Would you have done anything different?
HMMM! I am really going to have to pray about this and seek God's guidance in situations like this I run into in the future.

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Joyce said...

How sad. I don't think I'd have inserted myself into her conversation. I would add her to my prayers. I'm not sure what the right thing is but she said aloud she didn't want to hear it and if you didn't feel led to say something then perhaps she wasn't ready to hear.