Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My daughter and grands are coming tonight. They will get on a plane on the west coast at 1pm which is 4pm our time. They will get here at 11pm our time which is 7 pm their time. I am so excited to see them!!!! I can't wait to hug and kiss all of them even my daughter as she complains "Mom!" She loves it she knows she does! One of my biggest prayers is that she and her family will move back east closer to home. I do get to see them several times a year but it is hard! My son lives in up state SC just moving back with his in-laws to start a new job and new future for his family. I haven't seen him in a while either. They do not have money to travel as much, and and with my financial situation now it is not easy.
Anyway, I will be a bundle of nerves all day while my daughter and her boys fly. But it will be so wonderful when they get here!


Dee said...

Oh I am so happy for you...this is what you need...some grand time...hugs and fun all around.

Washer Mom Val said...


skoots1mom said...

grands are awesome, I hear! enjoy every minute...they're so cute.