Saturday, June 2, 2012

All I can say right now is WOW!!

All I can say right now is WOW! I am stunned in a good way!

As you know I have been stressing about my job; wondering where I am going to work and stressing some more. I have cried myself home several times lately. I have been praying and reading the psalms and proverbs (should be daily but it is almost daily). Then after reading my Bible I have been stressing some more. I have stressed over the tests I have to take for this job; stressed over not having the right patients just stressing my self out! Well after my last encounter with the not so nice people at my work.
I stressed again. then thought to myself I am the one making me unhappy. So I posted this as my facebook status
Life is truly what you make it. When bad things happen or things you do not like or understand you can dwell in the bad and make yourself feel miserable or you can hand the situation over to God and put a smile on your face and go on. His plan is always much better than mine.

So, I choose to be happy! -
I meant it I really did. My hubby and I had a nice day trip to Lake Erie and I did not think about work at all.
OK so now the WOW part....... I was working last night and got a few spare minutes. Since I have to take the telemetry test again on Monday I was making flash cards and writing to study for the test and drum the stuff in my brain. There was a doctor at the nurse's station and the girls and he were talking and laughing so I decided to put my ear buds in my i-phone and listen to some music to block out the banter going on and just study the stuff. So I was listening to the random music....Tim McGraw...Mercy Me....Billy Joel...Matthew West.....Tim McGraw again....then Beth Moore came on. I heard her voice looked at my phone and hit the arrow for the next song. Something told me to listen to Beth Moore almost like a question in me that said "Wait what did she say???" So I went back to the Beth Moore study. It was her study on Esther. (I have this on my i-pod but did not realize it was on my phone I thought I only had music.) Anyhow she was talking about the dinner Queen Esther had with King Xeres, her husband and Hamon the aide to the king who talked him into signing a decree to kill all Jews on a certain day. Now Esther was a Jew herself. Her plan was to out Hamon to the king so the king could know how evil Hamon was and save her people. King Xeres told Esther she could have what ever she wanted for making such a wonderful feast for him and his aide up to 1/2 of his kingdom. (here's the good part!) But Esther realized it was not time. She had prayed about this as had her people and now was not the time to tell the king about this awful man. She waited for God!!!! She waited for HIS timing! She could have told the king how evil this man was and demand his head on a platter but it was not yet time for the king to see the evil this man had done. So she waited!! 
Ok folks I don't know about you but there is my WOW moment!! God told Esther to wait. I was listening to random music on my i phone not even knowing this study was on my phone and all the sudden in the middle of my random music I get a Bible study about waiting for God's timing! I think there was a message for me there!!!!!! After listening to the study I felt so peaceful and excited......then the next random song came on it was Sherry Baby by the Four Seasons, nothing special.  
I guess I got my answer about where I am going to work......God has a place for me.....he is getting it ready for me.....All I have to do is wait! I am not very good at that waiting thing but you know what God knows that too because He knows me and when I need it again He will either lead me where he wants me or........


Dee said...

The sheep hear my voice....great testimony...I am looking forward to the awesome answer you will soon receive.

kbailey said...

Me too! Very cool :) but it couldn't have happened unless you were willing to that still small voice, even in the midst of chaos you heard it :) xo