Friday, October 31, 2008


I have a problem with haloween these days. It has nothing to do with trick-or-treat. I think it is a fun activity kids look forward to all year long. They love to dress up and pretend they are someone else. That is a treat for all kids. I just wish it was not associated with this holiday.
My problem is with haloween. I do not choose to use a capitol letter on this holiday because I feel as a whole we give it to much respect already. I have long since thought as a Christ follower I should not practice haloween. I rationalized it out when I had children so they could dress up and go trick-or-treating. But as the years have gone on I have been noticing more and more what it is that makes me feel uncomfortable about this holiday. I see houses all light up with orange lights with big displays of ghosts, goblins, witches and zombies. Big black cauldrons in yards with smoke coming out as if it were a witches brew. Every year it is a little more ridiculous. I have held my tongue about this for a long time. Then just the other day I went into the pharmacy to get my medicine and I saw the most disturbing thing to me. It was a black Christmas tree with orange lights sitting on a skull! My first thought was how outrageous this is. Then I realized some people would actually buy this monstrosity and display it in their yards or homes! Now I feel I have to speak my mind, you may not agree with me but this is my opinion. I feel like Satan who has a strong hold on this world is slowly but surely making haloween to be the holiday to which children look forward to like Christmas. I think Satan enjoys that Christain people actually celebrate his holiday. He is sneaking it in a little more and more every year until we are totally desensitized by it. Just like the world we live in. Day by day Christians are being beat down and tormented by society. I mean seriously is there any other holiday that gets this much attention except for Christmas. How many times have you heard the local news feature a yard display for Thanksgiving, Easter, or the 4th of July?

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lookuptoday said...

Hey, Your dotless!!! I am also uncomfortable with Boo day.I only enjoy the excitement and cuteness of the children. Sin get's uglier and more depraved as time goes on.Boo day is just a visible symptom of it. As i grow more mature in the Lord, i am becoming more uncomfortable with, if it is ok to blend these festivals in with church in any form. (Boo day is my new chosen name for----.) Dee