Saturday, October 11, 2008

Different People

Today is Saturday October 11th. My brother's birthday. Happy birthday Tom!!! (I just had to mention that it has nothing to do with my post.)
I was not feeling too good this morning the week has left my stomach a mess. I woke up several times last night and today wanted to stay close to the bathroom if you know what I mean.

Now to the real reason I wanted to post about. While I was home today along with straightening up around the house. I watched a Trading spouses marathon. I do not know why I like this show but I do. If you do not know the premise there are two such shows. The first Trading Spouses trade to wives from completely different backgrounds into each other's world for a week. They receive $50,000 for participating but what they do not know is the wife gets to choose how the money will be spent for the family she is traded to.
The episode that I felt I had to write about traded a women who was very obsessed about having a clean house and a controlled schedule. Everything went according to her schedule and her opinion. The second wife was not as clean but had a clean home, loved to spend time with her family and was very affectionate with her family.
I watched the whole show but was impacted by the last few minutes of the show. Clean freak went into happy go luck's house and cleaned it from top to bottom. Happy go lucky went into clean freak's house and wanted to show the children how to have fun, She had a party with props. Silly string, streamers and everything a home made party has. At the end of the show when clean freak came home she greeted her family and before the first hour was over she saw silly string on the wall and ceiling. She asked about what happened the family tried to tell her. It ensued an argument by husband and wife, with children in between. I saw mom on one side dad on the other stressing their points to each other loudly. What broke my heart was their daughter' who throughout the show had tried very much to keep the house clean so mom would not get upset and finally had some fun in the end, she had a pasted smile on her face and was jumping up and down between her parents. As if she were saying hey look at me I am happy everything is OK do not fight!! Maybe this struck a cord with me because I was that child. I know what she was feeling and it is not pretty. I want to say a prayer for that little girl.
Dear Lord, please help that little girl to know she is not the cause of her parents arguments. There is absolutely nothing she can do to fix it. Most of all Lord please let her start to believe in herself and know she can do anything with You who give her strength.

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