Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our baby, the dog OMG

Last night I got a phone call from my daughter with my grandson crying in the back ground. Sharon explained that their dog Keiko, a german sheppard, had snapped at Etha and bit him in the face. They were on their way to the hosital and Ethan wanted to talk to me. She put hm on the phone and he broke my heart crying "Memaw Keiko bit me!" I tried to hold back the tears but he sounded so pittiful as he cried. Sharon then took the phone to see if I was ok. She would call me back as soon as they knew anything. Kieko was a puppy when they got him. He was very protective of Ethan and then all the sudden this.... Why? Why?

I tried to remain calm and hand it over to God but my brain kept giving all kinds of scenerios of what happened and how scared Ethan must have been. I wanted to scream at God why could you let this happen to our baby!!!!! I wanted to be there so I could comfort him and Sharon instead of Sharon comforting me......trying to calm me...Why are my prayers not answered why do I live so far away from my children.....Why when all my life my prayer has been to have a family now that I have my own are we so far away from each other......All these questions come to mind when something hapens and I am so far away.....I know I have no control, God has all control but ......why does it hurt so much.....

Ok enough about me back to our baby. He was ok once he got to the hospital and the nurses started smoozing over him. The eye doctor came in and said he had to go to surgery!!!!!OMG!!!!! The dog had tore his tear duct and they needed to repair it. He was in surgery for what seemed like HOURS!!!! But in reality it was only about an hour and a half. His surgery went well and he was able to go home with Sharon and Malcholm last night. They called me and let him talk to me on the way home. He said " Memaw I am all fixed."

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