Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just thinking

I wonder sometimes what is the plan for my life Lord? Am I living up to Your expectation of me? Am I where You want to be in my life? What will You have be do next Lord? Where do I go next? What is the next chapter of my life to be? The questions of life I ponder sometimes. I wonder would it be better if the Lord opened the book one day and told me directly.....Becky you are supposed to do this or that....Would I do it or would I hide because I felt inferior to do the plan the Lord has for me? My prayer today is Lord lead me where you want me to...Place me where you need me..And help me live up to the expectations of Your Son Jesus Christ.

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lookuptoday said...

Hi, My name is Dee, i found your blog while journeying through the blog profiles. I have enjoyed your blog and find i can relate to a lot of what you have written. I will be back to visit again. Please feel free to visit my humble blog and say hello.Heavenly Blessings. Dee