Thursday, October 30, 2008

That is what the doctor said

Ok, I went to the doctor today. I have had a cough for a long time about two months long time. I thought it was my allergies acting up. Then the weather changed from hot to cold so I thought must be from my sinuses. Then the weather changed back to hot and cold again. Finally I got so so tired of coughing I thought I should call the doctor. First she stopped a medication I was newly taking started taking a few months ago because its side effect is cough. SO now I have been off the medication for a whole week and still I am coughing. I called again and was told if I still had the cough by today I should go to the doctor's office. Well today comes still coughing!!
Went to the doctor she thinks I have pertussis; yea that is whooping cough! O MY!!
So now I am off for the rest of the week should have started antibiotics today but have no money so I will get them tomorrow.
Wow, so I am off for the next couple days (without pay because I have no vacation time left). Maybe I can catch up on house work, maybe, or maybe my reading.......I don't know we shall see. All I know is this is kind of crazy. I never thought I would get whooping cough!!

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