Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello my friends

Hello my friends... Well I am doing quite good after my smack in the face news yesterday. I am not sure I have the illness the doctor thinks I have but I am only a nurse and the patient after all. She has much much more experience than I.
I was thinking and praying about all this and it brought a question to my mind. As I posted a few days or maybe a week ago we are in hard times. In fact I went to an agency yesterday(before I knew I was terribly contagious!) to apply for extra shifts at local hospitals and facilities. Then this news I am sick and will have to take a few days off work with out pay! HMMM I wonder. I know there is a lesson in all this for me to learn. I only hope I do learn it and am not dense enough to let the lesson pass me by. My husband and I have our speculations about what we are supposed to learn, but will only know in God's time. I pray Dear Lord help us to learn the lessons you are teaching us....and help us to be able to help others with what we learn.. In Your Precious and Holy Name ...Amen!

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Washer Mom Val said...

Hang in there - God will provide and heal!