Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miracle Sunday and Fall Festival

My church is having a big service tomorrow. They are calling it Miracle Sunday and after that we all go to our Fall Festival. I am really looking forward to the service tomorrow. We have been in some trying times but I know the Lord has all of us His children in the palm of His hand and He knows how many tears we cry over our circumstances. I know as sure as Romans 8:28 says everything will work out for good for us who love the Lord that this too shall pass.
The economy may be a bundle of mess but I choose to live my happy life trusting in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
Well I gotta get some school work done I'll be back to tell you about the service and the festival. Happy Weekend everyone!

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lookuptoday said...

Hi, May God's grace be with you and your church on Miracle Sunday! Dee <><