Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

My son and daughter in law came for the weekend with my two grandsons. Asher who is two and Nate who is 5 months old and both are adorable. Tonight my son had some friends over. It was really great. My friend Carey came too, with her son who is my friends son, and a another couple friends of my son. It was nice to socialize with them and remember old times when they all hung out at my house. All but one of them are married now and are starting families of their own. It was nice to talk about when they were young and the fun at my house with my family.
This is bittersweet though because I start to think about my kids at that age and how much fun we had. Now it is fun with the grands but everyone lives so far away.......

But all in all it was a wonderful weekend!

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