Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1. Do you and your family enjoy camping? What do you enjoy most/like the least when it comes to family camping? When was the last time you camped?

We went camping all the time when the kids were little. It was a great and cheap family vacation. I enjoy the peace and quiet of camping. Waking up in the morning to birds singing...The last time we camped was Myrtle Beach I think last year or the year before when I parents were staying there.

2. Did you attend a summer camp when you were a kid? Is that a happy or not so happy memory?

I remember going to camp once I think as a girl scout. I actually have not thought about that time until this question, but it is a happy memory.

3. Over the course of your life, what have you probably spent more time pondering than anything else?

I think I spent most of my time pondering on the future. What will it bring? Where will I be when? How will my kids be?

4. Which of the seven natural wonders of the world would you most like to see? There are many lists of 'wonders' but this is the standard natural wonder list-Mount Everest, The Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, The Harbor of Rio de Janerio, Paricutan Volcano and The Northern Lights.

I would love to see The Northern Lights. I just think it would be a humbling experience. Great beauty in nature always makes me think of the power of God and how He loves us to give us this beauty.

5. What was your first real job?

My first job was in 6th grade I worked for a friend of my great aunt he was a shoe maker and i did odd things around the store for a few dollars a week. But my first real job was at Ponderosa Steak house. I cleaned the tables, then moved up to salad bar.

6. Lemonade or Sweet tea...which do you prefer on a hot summer day?

I love lemonade and drink a bunch of it...but...I do live in the south (at the moment) and I drink actually un-sweet tea because I am a diabetic the sweet stuff is WAY TOO sweet for me.

7. What is something that always brings a smile to your face?

My grandsons always bring a smile to my face. I can hear a story of them, look at a picture, hear their voices or look into their sweet faces. It always makes me smile.

8. Insert random thought here.

I should be at work today. i just could not go this morning. I know that sounds bad but I really just needed a day all to my self to settle my head. Spend time with God. Spend time with me. Just a me day and to rest my brain.


Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

I so agree with you on #4!!

And when I was working full time, I too took an unscheduled day off every once in a while ... I referred to it as a mental health day. ;-)

Joyce said...

We all need a mental health day now and then : ) Hope your head settled down...I know exactly what you mean.

Dee said...

I noticed that my first job #5 was similar to yours. I worked in a shoe shop and did odd jobs. I was fresh out of high school. And of course number 5...the grands always put a smile on my face.