Friday, June 3, 2011

When I am afraid

I am scared with everything going on in my life right now. I am not panicking that's a good thing I've been there done that. I just get so caught up in all that has to be done in my head. Keep the house clean so people will fall in love with it like we did. Go to work. Study for oncology certification in August. Pack, the dog, the grocery shopping, paying the bills, everyday things that come up. I get to the point where I get my brain so overwhelmed I give up and shut off in front of the TV with one of my guilty pleasures like real housewives (Yes, I like the New Jersey and New York housewives) or an investigation show. I really do not have time to do that but sometimes I just can't do one more thing. I read something in my devotion yesterday, and a friends blog today ( that remind me God is in control of ALL of this.I, of course need to do what I need to do like pack, clean and study but everything is in God's hands. (I wish I could get my husband to calm and see this too. He is so preoccupied with everything that needs to get done he is making himself a stressful mess. Not about the job, about the house. He keeps seeing more and more that needs to get done and he tears it up! Please pray for him!)
I know in my heart that this is the plan the Lord has made for us. It is time for us to move closer to home. I do not know why, but I know HE is in control! SO when I get scared I will set my eyes upon the Lord and remind myself that this is God's Plan and He will make it ALL work.

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