Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!!

Well, I am home now. last week was a bit of a blur! I left SC with my 12 year old dog to go to Ohio to meet my hubby in Ohio. We left after work on Tuesday so the dog and I stayed in a motel in Virginia on Tuesday night. it was ok got a good nights sleep and we moved on to the next leg of our journey. We got to Pittsburgh PA about 2pm in the afternoon (my home town) wanted to visit my 97 year old grandmother. It was wonderful seeing her she was so excited to see me and she loved seeing the dog too! I took her outside to see the dog she told me she had not been outside in a while. My grandmother lived her life on her front porch now it breaks my heart that she has to get someone to take her outside. Any how moving on, the visit was wonderful! I then went to my dad's for dinner and to pick up my sister and niece. They were coming on the rest of my trip with me and coming back to SC for some needed time away. We had a great visit and dinner with dad and step mom. The dog did not want to get out of the car! So I opened the doors and windows and she just laid in the car enjoying the breeze only got out to pee before we left for the second leg of the trip. We headed to Ohio got in around midnight to the hotel. Settled in and fell asleep. Although I woke up around 2am my niece was still watching Nickelodeon! Next morning my sister woke up with a bad stomach. I had to take a test drive to the hospital before my interview the next day to know where I was going so my sister stayed at the hotel and niece came with me. Since I had told them the weather here in SC was in the 90s to 100s they did not pack any long sleeves or jackets. It was a bit cold in Ohio so after we went past the hospital I took my niece to Old Navy to get a sweatshirt. She wanted to get her mom a present to help her feel better so we also went Target. She found a BEAUTIFUL!! (according to her) diamond (cut glass) ring for $5.00! She had to have it for her mom because her mom would LOOOOVEE IT! She was so cute I had to let her get it. We stopped at Starbucks and headed back to the hotel. My sister at that time was feeling worse; my husband came over after working his new job. We wanted to take my niece to dinner with us she refused to leave her mom. After dinner I stopped to by essentials like ginger ale, chicken soup and crackers. After I had a talk with my mom and brought the stuff back to the hotel I had a long talk with my sister to let her know she was on vacation and had no worries until we got her home. We all got up the next morning feeling better. I went to my interview, it went good! (Keep praying for that please I loved the place!!) We took the dog all went to the park minus dh because he was working. we had a GREAT DAY! That night we were able to get into our new apartment in Ohio which will be our temporary home until we sell our house here. Spent the next day at the apartment just vegging and relaxing, cause Sunday the LONG drive back home to SC. Got in at 11:30 last night and here I am at the end of my work day on Monday!
Hopefully I will be able to move to Ohio permanently mid July!!

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Dee said...

Whew..wore me out reading about your week. What part of Ohio are you moving to. Are you anywhere near michigan?